Remote Networking That Just Works

The 2hO Network

The 2hO Network is a secure private network that lives within the public Internet

The 2hO Network is a network of encrypted tunnels that exists within the public Internet. This enables you to work from anywhere while maintaining the safety of your home base. It is a secure VPN from the coffee shop to your home office to your peers.

Devices join this secure network as Nodes, then offer services to other nodes on the network. Nodes are able to communicate with each other securely without exposing any of their traffic to the public Internet. Behind the scenes, the network maintains encryption and executes an elaborate set of firewall rules to enforce who is able to access what.

The 2hO Network spans local networks, firewalls, and routers, without having to worry about incompatible network addressing, NAT, or open ports. And devices automatically roam regardless of location. All connections in the 2hO network are outbound, so no local firewall or router configurations are necessary.

  • If you are able to surf the web, the 2hO Network will just work.

The 2hO Network also offers a suite of network discovery, proxy, and private forwarding features. This makes it possible to gain access to remote network resources as if they were local. This can be used to perform easy remote network administration. All done with zero configuration of local network equipment.

The 2hO Network is currently in Closed Beta. If you are interested, please contact us for more information and to learn how it can benefit you.

2hO means "to home office". We were all sent to work from home. So, let’s make a secure network of home offices.