Definition: What is a Mesh-VPN?

What is a Mesh-VPN?

A traditional VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a piece of software that allows a remote PC to securely connect to a central location, usually an office, to share central resources. Multiple remote users can connect to the office at the same time forming an any-to-one star configuration. However, they are generally not allowed to connect to each other.

A Mesh-VPN is similarly a piece of software that allows a PC to securely connect directly to another PC. However, in the mesh case, the PCs are able to connect directly to each other without their traffic flowing through a central server. Multiple remote users are able to connect directly to each other to share resources in an any-to-any configuration.

A traditional VPN can be useful for an office-bound workforce who travels occasionally. However, a Mesh VPN is better suited to a remote workforce where resources reside amongst the team. In the Mesh VPN, you can still have central resources. You just have to define them as you would a worker.

The 2hO Network is a Mesh-VPN where multiple devices can form a secure shared network regardless of where they are located.